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The Team

Tris Felix – Managing Director

Tris leads Cornerstone’s growth and agency partnership strategies.  Since joining Cornerstone in 2003, Tris has specialized in the formation and management of group-based insurance programs.  He has worked with Associations, Consortiums, Franchisors-Franchisees, and other agents to develop optimal group risk financing solutions which allow Cornerstone’s clients to better meet their individual goals.

Paul Davis – Director of Program Operations

Paul holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Wichita State University. Paul joined IMA in 1994. His experience includes working in the areas of risk management and safety consulting. Paul focuses on program design, implementation and administration of group programs assuring efficient and effective operations.

Jess Cornejo – Program Manager

J.J. Ranck – Program Manager

J.J. has over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry serving in multiple roles as a broker, profit center manager, program manager, risk manager, and underwriter.  He rejoined IMA in 2021 to assist clients in managing their captive insurance companies and conducting feasibility studies to form new captives

Kristi Sullivan – Program Manager

Kristi holds a master’s degree in business from Baker University and has been with Cornerstone for 20+ years.  Her Program Manager and Underwriting responsibilities include assisting clients in identifying risk, developing risk management programs to reduce client’s total cost of risk, and in evaluating loss-sensitive, alternative risk financing options.

Maggie Tieslau – Program Manager

Maggie holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Georgia.  She joined Cornerstone in 2013 after two years on IMA’s commercial lines teams.  As a program manager, Maggie oversees operations and provides risk finance consulting to four of Cornerstone’s group programs – for both property and casualty as well as medical stop loss.


Kyle Johnston

Senior Program Administer

Tommy McGrath

Program Administer

Jessica Tuzzeo

Program Administer

Chris Wimmer

Program Analyst

Jenna DeRoo

Program Analyst

Ryan Free

Program Analyst

Barbie Kifer

Program Analyst/ Program Administrator

Sayra Porras

Program Analyst/ Program Administrator

Alan Janes

Program Analyst

Eric Vela

Account Technician

Wes Cooley

Systems Analyst

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