Alternative Risk Solutions

Great plan selections and pricing options for property and casualty insurance coverage can often be hard and stressful to find, but joining a group program with companies that have similar business needs can simplify that search.

Take Control.
Own it.

  • Ownership Stake in Your Insurance Company
  • Think Like An Insurer
  • Lower Costs
  • Rewarded for Effective Risk Management
  • Take Control of Your Long Term Results

Does it make sense for my company?

  • Better Than Average Loss History?
  • $75,000 or More in Casualty Premium?
  • Value Aligned Interest & Shared Best Practices?
  • Have an Appetite for Some Risk?

Cornerstone is at the forefront.

Cornerstone’s Alternative Risk team is at the industry’s forefront in designing and administering alternative risk financing mechanisms and stand-alone options.

There are a variety of stand-alone options for groups to address risk collectively. Group alternative risk finance mechanisms are attractive for smaller companies who want access to better rates and specialized coverage and services.

Client Groups.

  • Captives & rent-a-captives
  • Group self-insurance pools
  • Risk retention groups
  • Risk purchasing groups

Experience & Expertise in Diverse Structures.

  • Twelve group programs under management:
    • Property and casualty
    • Self insured medical (stop-loss captives)
  • Captives:
    • On-shore and off-shore domiciles
    • Single parent, group-owned, rent-a-captives
  • Reciprocals
  • Risk retention groups
  • Pools
  • Risk purchasing groups (first dollar programs)
  • Fronting and reinsurance placements
  • Collateral review and reductions
  • Commutations
  • Loss portfolio transfers

Let’s talk about your
company’s motivation.

Do you want more control over the financing of your risks?