CORnerstone Approach

Third-Party Claim Administration Unit

CORnerstone can provide:

  • Workers’ Compensation and Commercial General Liability  claim administration for self-funded clients, individual accounts and groups
  • State of the art claim system
  • Claim file audit services
  • Relationships with medical case management, cost containment, bill review and medical utilization firms
  • Licensed to provide TPA services in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Nebraska

At CORnerstone, we manage the entire cycle of a claim — from the time the employee is injured, until the employee is released by the treating physician and returns to work. By managing the cycle, we bring workers’ compensation issues under greater control, accelerate return to work and reduce loss costs.

Successful claims handling takes a cooperative arrangement between employer, employee, medical providers and CORnerstone. Everyone wins when each player knows what to do and execution is properly coordinated.

When an employee is injured on the job, the goal is to maximize the outcome by managing medical care delivery and accelerating return to work.

Our services include professional case management, utilization review, bill review and adjustment through our medical case management staff. CORnerstone adjusters are experienced, professional and efficient, providing a cost-effective approach to manage your claims.

CORnerstone’s Claim Management philosophy incorporates claim services, prompt reporting, early intervention, aggressive investigation and timely settlements. Our sense of urgency means that our clients get a quick response and reduce overall costs.

Specific Claims Services

  • Professional staff averaging 20 years experience in the industry
  • Full claim adjustment services
  • Designated claim adjuster/ representative
  • DirectClaim reporting – mail, fax, phone or online
  • Investigation on claims as needed
  • Riskmaster™ claim information system
  • Team approach to reduce loss costs
  • Early intervention – making the right decision, immediately
  • Medical case management with delivery of quality care
  • Return to work program
  • Approved by reinsurers
  • Quality control standards utilized on all claims
  • Reports to excess or reinsurance carriers

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