Risk finance consulting services that deliver control and accountability

Why Risk Financing?

Purchasing first dollar insurance policies as the primary mechanism to protect corporate assets can be very inefficient and costly. Almost 50% of business accounts now utilize one or more forms of Alternative Risk Financing to manage those insurable exposures – resulting in greater control, better service, and a significant reduction in Total Cost of Risk (TCOR).

Value Proposition

  • Gain control and flexibility
  • Reduce susceptibility to insurance market fluctuations
  • Significantly reduce the fixed costs of insurance
  • Reduce the variable costs of funding losses
  • Improve services by “unbundling” professional providers (i.e. Claims and Risk Control)
  • Improvement of coverage
  • Direct access to reinsurance and excess insurance markets

Superior Services for You

  • Program design and management
  • Risk management consulting
  • Program design and modeling
  • Loss Forecasting and Net Present Value analysis
  • Excess and reinsurance markets
  • Captive feasibility
  • Deductible analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Financial Analysis

Serving Single Businesses and Client Groups

IMA’s Alternative Risk team is at the industry’s forefront in designing and administering alternative risk financing mechanisms and programs. There are a variety of stand-alone options for individual companies as well as options for groups to address risk collectively. Group alternative risk finance mechanisms are attractive for smaller companies who want access to better rates and specialized coverage and services. These include:

Single Business Accounts

  • Large deductibles
  • Self-insured retentions
  • Qualified self-insurance plans
  • Collateral review and options
  • Reinsurance & special markets access
  • Multi-year & multi-line aggregate programs
  • Large deductible/retention reimbursement funding

Client Groups (i.e. Associations, Franchises, Networks, etc.)

  • Captives & Rent-a-captives
  • Group self-insurance pools
  • Risk retention groups
  • Risk purchasing groups

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