CORnerstone Approach

Program Management

Purchasing first dollar insurance policies as the primary mechanism to protect corporate assets can be very inefficient and costly.

Many commercial accounts now utilize Alternative Risk to manage those insurable exposures – resulting in greater control, better results and a lower Total Cost of Risk.

Ideas, Resources, Expertise

Programs and captives are not the right fit for every business. How do you know if it’s right for you? How do you know what the optimal retention level is? How do you know when to share risk with others, or transfer it to a reinsurer?

The right answers begin with selecting a risk management consultant who understands your company’s unique needs. If a program or captive insurance solution fits, CORnerstone has the experience, expertise and resources to design and implement a strategy for you.

Spotlight: Medical Stop-Loss Program


Finally — Data & Transparency

  • Most employers buying guaranteed-cost employee benefits with 50 -500 lives do not receive actionable claim information, however a captive program provides you with details of how and where your medical and pharmaceutical dollars are spent.

Data Analytics

  • In-depth analysis of where your dollars are spent, such as pharmaceutical, medical, treatments, disorders — which leads to changes in plan design and consulting services to drive risk mitigation and cost containment.

Health Management Programs

  • Data-driven program designs to improve employee health.
  • Reduce spend through a transformation to a culture of health, resulting in healthier employees, lower premiums and financial savings.

Experience & Expertise in Diverse Structures

  • Twelve group programs under management
    • Property and Casualty
    • Self Insured Medical (Stop-Loss Captives)
  •  Captives:
    • On-shore and off-shore domiciles
    • Single Parent, Group-Owned, Rent-A-Captives
  • Reciprocals
  • Risk Retention Groups
  • Pools
  • Risk Purchasing Groups (first dollar programs)
  • Fronting and Reinsurance placements
  • Collateral review and reductions
  • Commutations
  • Loss Portfolio Transfers

What is Your Motivation?

Do you want more control over the financing of your risks?

Do you want more creativity and flexibility in your risk management program?

Do you want an opportunity to earn a return on your insurance dollars?

Do you want to better protect your assets, employees, property and liabilities?

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